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Transformation to achieve your desired goals by focusing all major domains of IT

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Looking at the overall IT Transformation in the industry, what should CIOs do if the existing technologies may not support their Business Objectives optimally? The IT transformation is not only limited to technology platforms. The transformation spans over major domains like People, Process and Organization. IT Transformation is a continuous journey and technology can accelerate it.

Why do we need to transform?

Existing market situation is forcing us to derive

  • More from existing investments
  • Better efficiencies
  • Higher effectiveness
  • Lower operational costs

And Transform is inevitable because of;

  • Frequent change in the complex technology / new trends
  • The need to develop, change and improve organizational culture
  • Social networking, BYOD, Technology Innovations and many more
  • The necessity to further reinforce our identity as a IT function

VDA Infosolutions can partner with you in this journey of transformation to achieve your desired goals by focusing all major domains of IT.

IT Infrastructure Strategy and Planning (IT Infrastructure Blue print)

IT is shifting its gears from technology gatekeeper to technology enabler, it is a must to create the Blue Print of Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture for next 3-5 years to have clear visibility on IT investments, scalability and aligning technology with Business Objectives. IT must shift into the role of business “enabler”. Making this shift may not be simple. It not only requires a mindset shift, it also requires an organizational shift. Today’s business dynamics necessitate a continual assessment of your existing environment measured against your objectives. Changes in your environment are governed by your business practices, workflow, and current and future business goals.

VDA Infosolutions is your trusted partner to be able to conceive and configure an enterprise architecture that provides the flexibility, adaptability, scalability and reliability needed to support a growing business. We have the business and technological expertise to analyze and document your company’s IT infrastructure, align it with your business and make recommendations to help you achieve both your business and technology objectives.

Next Generation Data Centers

Configuring, maintaining and changing Data Center infrastructure can be a nightmare given the dynamic and distributed nature of the beast and all the remote touch points, but emerging Software Defined Networking (SDN) tools for network orchestration and virtualization promise to make these operations more efficient. SDN is in its early phase of adoption, but growth is expected to reach between $2 and $4 billion by 2016 (IDC/Gartner), with nearly half of that investment involving SDN-capable network infrastructures.

SDN is the way for Enterprises, who is focusing on business agility and capital expenditure reduction versus purely technical objectives. It is necessary to invest in the proliferation of virtualization in the data center space to accommodate dynamic workloads, including the growing demand for mobility. SDN proactively supports network configuration management challenges by developing and deploying enterprise-scale networks and applications.

One of the key goals of SDN is to implement flexible networks that can be dynamically provisioned. While the main cornerstones of SDN are centralized control and network programmability, network virtualization, and network orchestration are just as important. With SDN, the network can be provisioned in an orchestrated way along with other IT components like servers, storage, and applications.Moving further in implementing next generation data center is to implement DevOps framework. It is an emerging term of collaboration of between development and IT operations staff throughout all stages of the development lifecycle when creating and operating a service, and how important operations have become in our increasingly service-oriented world.

Designing and implementing SDN strategy

VDA Infosolutions can partner with you in designing roadmap for SDN journey. VDA Infosolutions will assess your existing IT infrastructure layers and align your business objectives to deploy SDN. VDA Infosolutions will also support you in identifying and implementing network automation and overall orchestration to deliver SDN benefits.

Implementing DevOps framework

VDA Infosolutions will assist you in implementing strong DevOps framework including principles, methods, practices, and tools. DevOps are not only tools, but it is the culture to be inculcated within an Organization. VDA Infosolutions will help you in building a DevOps culture which requires more than installing a configuration management tool, using a source code repository, streamlined change management and so on.

Assessment of IT applications and infrastructure

IT infrastructure agility is the ability to respond quickly to changing technology trends, adopting new technology in today’s fast-paced business environment. The companies that can out-quick their competitors are going to be the big winners in the future. It is important to assess your IT infrastructure to scale-up quickly, perform better and provide secured business services to your customers. VDA Infosolutions can support you in the journey of strengthening your IT infrastructure by assessing your technical architecture covering compute, storage, network domains and Application landscape to enhance existing services to their internal and external customers adopting industry best practices. The process of assessment focuses on availability, resiliency, performance, security and operational aspects.

Network Transformation Services

We recognize impact of managing a legacy network which have been expanded incrementally over the years with multiple vendor equipment and complex operational procedures and layered architectures, which mandates network migration that delivers a faster ROI for next-generation networks. VDA Infosolutions provides Network Transformation Service as a consulting practice which consists of network design and architecture, implementation, integration and management services. We offer recommendations on best practices in the industry which helps you to manage network with improved network reliability, scalability, security to ensure that network infrastructure supports your business goals and IT objectives.

DR Consulting

As traditional risks such as fire hazards, cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods start gaining focus; IT organizations need to prepare for new breed threats from hackers, computer viruses, malware, and terrorists.

Disaster Recovery is an activity that organizations undertake to recover from and minimize the impact of operational risk in event of a disaster.

These are steps agreed upon in advance by management and key personnel that will be taken to help the organization recover.

DR is inherently complex to deploy & implement. With security compliances & government mandates to satisfy; the cost and complexity balloon. Implementing & operating business continuity and disaster recovery solutions is costly. These solutions put a substantial drain on the CAPEX budgets of companies.

Beyond the challenges of startup sequences, network, storage, data replication; effective DR plans need to be tested and verified. Typically organizations have thick recovery manuals which document each step to be completed for a successful failover. Following and testing from such manuals is cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone. Lock-step upgrades also pose a big problem for DR, thus increasing your operating expenses.

At VDA Infosolutions, we are trusted advisors to our customers for technology evaluation and adoption. We assist our customers to:

  • Design DR strategy
  • Identify key datacenter risks
  • Understand the Application landscape
  • Capacity planning
  • Scope out, Design & Deploy effective DR plans (Private, Public and Hybrid cloud environment)
  • Design test / use cases
  • Design HLDs (High-Level Documents), LLDs (Low-Level Documents) and Runbooks
  • Test & Verify DR as an ongoing activity (weekly, monthly basis)

Our solutions are vendor agnostic and help customers:

  • Reduce CAPEX costs up to 50%
  • With up to 30% reduction in OPEX costs
  • Reduce Operational risk and increase confidence index
  • Manage and reduce hardware differences
  • Test DR flexibly

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