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Data protection is one of the fundamental challenges faced by today’s CIO’s, IT directors and Managers, who want their datacentres to achieve greater administrative efficiencies and meet demands at all times.

Enterprise datacentres are not only complex, but are made up of a mixture of virtual and physical servers, multi-tiered application’s and intricate dependencies. At one hand, the end users expect these applications to be ‘always available’, 24*7; the IT team must push for 100% virtualization, simplified recovery systems --- but not at the cost of efficient data protection solutions.

Conventional approaches carried out perfunctorily cannot effectively fight challenges pertaining to the enormous growth of data and the critical next generation applications. To make the IT infrastructure resistant to unwarranted incidents and make it aggressively growth oriented, VDA offers comprehensive data protection services.

Why Protect your Data?

Almost 2 in 5 organisations suffer from unplanned outages resulting in the loss of critical data and making them unavailable to the end user. This results in a huge economic blow along with a tainted image of the organisation. The outage may result from hardware or software failure, data corruption, security breaches or backup defects. In any case, the outage can be prevented through robust data backup software solutions and organisations can move towards delivering 100% uptime.

How does VDA satisfy the diverse needs of Data Protection?

VDA, through its partnership with world leaders like IBM offers data protection and data storage backup solutions for all types of organisations.

Data Protection Services

VDA protects your core applications through techniques like mirroring and snapshot across the cloud, virtual and physical environments.

Disaster Recovery solutions

VDA offers backup of IT infrastructure and business operations to speed up the recovery time and make business critical applications available throughout.

Data Storage Backup Solutions

Managed storage capacity solutions from VDA increase data availability through increased scalability and secured storage environment.

Data Backup Software Solutions

With VDA, organisations can protect data, build backup for servers and migrate images effectively. It is the most complete, flexible and cost-efficient backup solution in the industry.

Partnering with VDA Infosolutions insulates your organisation from long recovery times, increased infrastructure and operational costsand offers the following growth opportunities.

  • Better IT efficiency by extending virtualization across the business

    Our backup and recovery approach assist firms in virtualizing more workloads by eliminating legacy backup solutions and scalability limitations. All applications including those from tier one can be virtualized easily and all virtual machines can be protected sufficiently with our data backup software solutions.

  • Minimize business interruption irrespective of data growth

    Traditional backup and recovery do not hold good in a world where data seems to almost double every year. Contemporary techniques for the tracking, duplicating and moving of data allow increased productivity through uninterrupted availability.

  • Integrated backup for increased performance and lowered costs

    VDA offers consolidated solutions that can bring down costs by scaling the storage resources efficiently and rightsizing the project bandwidth.

  • Easy migration to the services model

    Organisations can allow customers to access their IT services by building a platform for hosting these services and their backup process to satisfy SLAs.

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