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The Power of Cloud

Moving to the cloud is an important transition in progressive organizations. It promises several measureable benefits, and the virtual technology just cannot be overlooked. Some of the compelling reasons for any organisation to adopt the cloud based solutions include --

  • A cost-effective strategy that eliminates the need for an upfront investment in a new hardware or business critical software.
  • Flexibility and agility to cope up with the peaks and troughs of infrastructure demands.
  • Quicker deployment with improved performance.
  • Fewer IT personnel and therefore higher cost savings and reduced complexity.
  • Ability to focus on the core business and innovate continually.

In short, cloud technology is a powerful source of higher productivity, innovation and competitive advantage.

What does VDA have to offer?

While cloud computing services offer a huge potential for organisational growth and cost savings, there are some common issues and challenges faced by organisations while moving to the cloud. This starts with the initial hurdle of “knowing what you want” to dealing with security issues after deployment.

With VDA as your cloud partner the transition is made as smooth as possible and the power to get the best of the cloud computing technology is assured.

Is your organisation cloud ready? Are you prepared to travel down the cloud route to reap its benefits?

At VDA, we offer cloud consulting services India, to help you understand the benefits of cloud computing solutions for your business. A successful business outcome is the result of sound planning. Our consultants work closely with your organisation planning the cloud strategy, analysing the priorities of the business and the criticality of your data to craft a step-by-step transition into the cloud.

Are you running through tight budget constraints? Looking to invest in pivotal software?

Traditionally, companies were required to invest heavily in the purchase and installation of critical software to support business growth. VDA offers SaaS and cloud computing services to enable organisation to enjoy lower upfront costs, painless upgrades and seamless integration into the existing systems. Subscription-based services from VDA enable higher adoption rate by managing all updates and patches and makes the learning curve less steeper.

Do you want to facilitate applications at lower costs and with lower complexity? Looking at creating an agile business model that drives innovation?

Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions from VDA enable organisations to continuously deliver new applications and features by shifting away the onus of managing and maintaining a robust computing platform. This allows enterprises to speed up their time to market and makes them highly agile in the competitive landscape. With VDA, organisations can compete efficiently in breakneck markets and enhance customer relationships by instantly acknowledging their needs.

Looking to increase the scalability of your IT environment while saving money and time?

VDA - Cloud service providers in Mumbai, Pune focus on less upfront costs, increased performance and accelerated business growth. The IaaS solutions from VDA allow organisations to scale resources up and down to meet their changing business requirements with no impact on the cost factor. This improved scalability coupled with the pay-as-you-go pricing model from VDA transforms your data center into a virtualized environment that nurtures innovation and growth.

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